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Different approaches

DIGITOL is run by a multinational team of diverse experts and professionals that will build on its complementarities to develop and deliver intergenerational digital literacy training. DIGITOL is designed and delivered with and by the communities, it is intended to: younger and older Europeans willing to make the Internet a better place for all.

The project will promote knowledge transfer between younger and older adults, through an intergenerational approach aimed to close the gaps between these two groups and to find new ways to cooperate and interact with each other.

Young adults are usually presented as digital natives. They have been exposed to the Internet and digital devices since they were born and therefore, are more confident users of laptops, tablets, the Internet, and social media at large. On the other hand, older adults are endowed with an incredible experience due to their age but might lack the digital skills to navigate the online world and its incredible amount of information.

We believe that bringing these two groups together can only be fruitful to deal with the emergence of online misinformation.

At the same time, intergenerational contacts are the best way to address ageism and the misconceptions one age group might have about the other, hence improving mutual understanding and social cohesion. Lifelong learning and active aging are also mainstreamed in the project.

The training program will be designed for older learners between 55 to 70 years old. Older people can still play a prominent role in their society but end up excluded either because the environment around them do not take account of their needs (for digital training, for instance), or because they have themselves internalized the ageist idea that they were ‘too old’ to fit in this new world.

DIGITOL aims to empower older people and build their confidence to participate online.

By consolidating the digital skills of older adults, DIGITOL will ensure the quality of the information older people can find online, and contribute to making the Internet accessible to new responsible and digitally-educated users.


Do you want to know more about the activities and results that DIGITOL has carried out in its first 6 months? Then check out our new infographic that sums up what we have done during the assess and analyse phase!

DOWNLOAD:  Infographic